Sunday, June 26

Jelly Gladiator Sandals

Hello Fashionistas…

Lets talk Gladiators! I love gladiator sandals. It's an easy way to complete a simple outfit. Now, jelly gladiators are a different story.  Some of you might wonder just how comfortable they are. Well, here is the breakdown from my perspective. 
The lace up is tons of work. You have to really take your time to adjust the straps to be tight enough to grip your legs but not so tight to stop circulation and that my fashionistas, is the REAL STRUGGLE. The sandal itself is comfortable. 
The jelly material allows flexibility which makes them comfortable to move around. 
Overall, I would say it's worth the struggle because the finish product of the lace up effect is a great accessory for a simple yet chic outfit. You can wear any basic tees and a pair of shorts and with some bad ass gladiators, you are good to go! 
You can find these jelly gladiators at PINKBAISIS (Click Here). 
 I am wearing a size 7. 
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