Tuesday, October 4


Hello Fashionistas! 
I hope you are all having a productive week! 
Lets get right to it, this blog post is a little different than my regular fashion posts.
 I want to let you guys in on my reality and the reality of many bloggers I've met. 

As you might have noticed from the tittle: Is blogging the new "side hustle?"
I'm here to tell you, that for many bloggers including me, this is true!
 For me, blogging began as a hobby. It is a part-time, a way of staying connected with one of my passions. The reality is that I graduated with a bachelor's in social work and I'm currently attending graduate school to obtain my masters. This is the part where you say, (WAIT WHAT)?

Long story short I’ve always had a passion for fashion but growing up in a Hispanic household, I was expected to go to college and follow a “normative” career, which I did.
I enjoy my professional career but deep inside I knew something was missing.
 When I began blogging, I realized how fulfilling and satisfying it was to me. 
With the progression of social media I felt encouraged to pick up my passion and began my fashion blog a year ago. It has been such a rewarding experience! I’ve been able to meet amazing people, attend fun events and also collaborate with some of my favorite boutiques. 
I usually don’t share this part of my story, but I recently learned that I’m not alone and that many bloggers also have a “side hustle.”
 I've met bloggers who are law students and science majors! I also have to hand it to all my mommy bloggers! 

Having the security of knowing that you don't need to drop everything and risk financial instability to become a blogger, it's the most empowering feeling ever. Because lets face it, blogging is not financially rewarding until you haven't completely established your brand. 
I hope that by being more open with my story, I can encourage other's to follow their true passions even if it’s on the side. Because it's never too late to do what you love. 

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  1. Yes!!! GO PAM! Who says you can't have, and do everything you desire- if and when you're willing to work hard to achieve your goals.

  2. Love it!!! I've been debating on doing a blog a while ago but have lost inspiration. You've made me reconsider! Love it!

    1. Thank you girl! And definitely go for it! I'm glad I made you reconsider :)

  3. Love it!!! I've been debating on doing a blog a while ago but have lost inspiration. You've made me reconsider! Love it!

  4. Love this look & blog post! so awesome.


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