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This blog post is all about "Peep Toe Thigh High Heels" and my obsession with them.
Where do I start? Major statement piece! These heels can transform any outfit. With this look, I wore jeans, a black long sleeve shirt and a leather jacket. Casual huh? But then I added these peep toe thigh high heels and BAM! From casual to chic in seconds.
Check them out here
I mentioned in a previous post how I love wearing thigh-highs over jeans, it just takes an outfit to another level. Personally, I prefer peep toe heels over closed heels. Needless to say, these heels are on my top 5 most comfortable shoe list. They are a dream to walk in. I definitelty recommend them. 

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Special shout-out to my amazing boyfriend, photographer and partner in crime on our 6 year anniversary! Just like in this picture, I will always be right behind ya baby! 

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