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Happy New Year Fashionistas! 2017 is already here, can you believe it? 
So much happened in 2016,  I'm still trying to take it all in. While reminiscing about the year I thought about all the best and worst fashion trends of 2016 and decided to share them.  
Please do keep in mind that this  is my personal opinion. You are more than welcome to share your opinions in the comments below. Let's start with the best trends.

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1. Chokers 
I'm still obsessed with this trend! Chokers are a statement piece within itself. Want to vamp up any outfit? Add a choker. My favorite ones are the rhinestones chokers. 
(Click on the pictures for direct links to stores.)


2. Thigh-High Boots Over Jeans

Thigh-high boots are definitely my favorite but wearing them over jeans is just perfection. You can make any casual look chic by wearing thigh-high boots over denim. Not to mention they are perfect for the colder weather. 
 Here are my favorite pair:

3.  Faux Fur Coats 


I am all about staying warm in this cold weather and faux fur coats do just that for me. I love how you can dress them up or down. 

Worst Trends


Bare with me, this is my personal opinion. While I like transparent clothing, I prefer not to see nipples. There are some many ways of pulling this look off without baring it all. 
Transparent tops or dresses look so chic when paired with lacy bralettes. 


Don't get me wrong, while the transparent shoes look appealing, these shoes just are not practical. The plastic material is very uncomfortable to walk in. Not to mention, this material is not breathable which can make your feet sweat and smell. 


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  2. Love this post! great hearing your take on your favorite fashion trends! You should make this a stable on your blog at the end of a year and maybe even at the culmination of a season!


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