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Hello Fashionistas!
So I am currently in the Dominican Republic. For those who don't know, my parents are from the Dominican Republic and my brother and I had the opportunity to live here for 6 years, the best 6 years of our lives! Ever since we moved back to NYC, we make sure we travel as a family every summer. Our house here is intact, like we never left! So when we visit, it feels like we are home away from home. However, while living here we never made the time to fully explore our country which happens to a lot of people that take for granted the country they live in.
Now we make sure we visit a new part of the country in every trip.
 First up, we visited the providence Tenares, which is known as the town of the Mirabal sisters, "Las Hermanas Mirabal." The Mirabal sisters were known for their open opposition to the dictatorship of  Rafael Trujillo, the president at the time. After the assassination of three of the four sisters, the Mirabal sisters turned into symbols of feminist resistance.
I grew up hearing about these heroic women but never had the chance to visit their hometown until now. The house they grew up in is still intact and I couldn't help but feel nostalgic! 
Check out the pictures below. 

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 I am so excited to visit more places during the week. Stay tuned for more travel diaries!
Much Love, 

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  2. You are so beautiful and you look like a real model in your photo ,i love your travel in Dominican Republic and I hope i could be there also one day,I think at the same time you need curtains to change your room style and need to make your room special.


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